Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Behold thy handmaiden, Lord. Ready now am I,
To live thy word, to teach thy word, To praise thy name on high.
Behold my hands, O Lord, Consecrated to thee,
To serve thy daughters, to serve thy sons,
To comfort each one tenderly.
Behold mine eyes, O Lord, Windows to my soul,
To see thy light, to love thy light, To know and shape my role.

Behold the handmaiden of the Lord; Be it unto me according to thy word.
As Mary spoke, so speak I. Heavenly Father, I will try
To do thy will, Thy laws fulfill,
In service to magnify thee, In humility to seek thee,
Always to speak of thee,
And thine, As mine.

Behold thy handmaiden.
Behold my heart, O Lord, Waiting here before thee,
To feel thy love, to share thy love; Ever thy child I will be.

What does it mean to you
to be a Handmaiden of the Lord?

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